Our Pizza {some of our customer favorites}                       

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Fresh dough made from scratch 7 days a week.

Sauce made with our own proprietary blend of spices.

Our Canadian Bacon is fresh sliced from the stick in our kitchen.

Our cheese does not come in a bag! We get it in blocks and grind it ourselves.

We use only the finest aged Mozzarella Cheese made with whole milk.

We use only California olives, never the cheaper imported ones!

Most pizza restaurants use pre-sliced bagged vegetable toppings. Our veggies are sliced fresh in our kitchen.

Our pizzas are cooked in “pizza ovens” by “pizza cooks" - NOT dropping off of a conveyor belt and served, cooked or not.



Canadian Bacon w/ Pineapple

# 4 Pioneer Combo

#2 Jimmy O’s Special

#8 Chicken Supreme