About Us

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Text Box: When Jimmy Os Pizzeria was opened in June 1981 it was with the sole purpose of making the best pizza possible and treating our customers like friends. We wanted to have a restaurant where families could come,                     (we have 2 kids of our own) relax and enjoy satisfying pizza.

   We were committed that quality would be our calling card and we wouldnt cut corners. I can still remember meeting with food suppliers and having them tell me to use things like: frozen ready made pizza dough, pizza sauce from a can, and vegetables pre-cut in a bag. They said that was the way everyone did it and that was the way to make money. We went a different route, and over the past 35 years our customers have told us we made the right choice! As you look over our web site and hopefully try our food I hope that commitment to quality comes through.


Matt & Janae Petrous